Dust & Destiny

For those that have not made the trek to the dry lake bed of El Mirage for land speed racing, imagine Mad Max meets The Right Stuff. The scene is a bit post-apocalyptic and everything (and everyone) sports a fine coat of dust.

I imagine the scene has not changed all that much in the 61 year history of land speed racing here at El Mirage where speed trial pioneers and racing enthusiasts test themselves and their machines on this hallowed stretch of dirt. Everything from jet cars to roadsters to custom built bikes rocket down the 1.3 mile track, all trying to set new class records or join the illustrious 200mph club.

All of this is organized and governed by the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) which has been sponsoring speed trials both at El Mirage and the famed Bonneville Salt Flats for over half a century. The SCTA hosts six events at El Mirage annually and if you get the chance, we encourage you to experience this historic venue.


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