Feature: Edelbrock – A History of Proven Performance

In the world of performance automotive aftermarket equipment, there are a few names that stand out…one of those names is Edelbrock. From its humble beginnings in a Los Angeles garage in the 1930s to the standard bearer of performance parts with facilities totaling over 500,000 square feet from which the company operates today – Edelbrock is a genuine American success story.

View of Vic Edelbrock’s garage in Los Angeles, circa 1948. Photo courtesy of Edelbrock Corp.

On the verge of celebrating its 75th Anniversary, how has Edelbrock continued to flourish and remain relevant? I believe there are two main factors that contributed to the success of Edelbrock. For starters, the company has a history of speed and power. Beginning with the manufacture of Vic Edelbrock’s first intake manifold (which he used on his own 1932 Ford Roadster and raced on the dry lake beds of Southern California and later Bonneville), Edelbrock was able to show significant increases in performance. Edelbrock used an early dyno to show measurable gains, and it was not long before every speed seeker was looking for that added Edelbrock edge.

Vic Edelbrock Sr. with the X-1 six carb cross ram manifold for the small block Chevy. Photo courtesy of Edelbrock Corp.

That philosophy of “Proven Performance” is still at the core of the Edelbrock business model to this day. The company uses state-of-the-art testing facilities at its base in Torrance, CA to ensure that every product that goes out with that iconic red Edelbrock badge, will measurably increase the performance of your American made car or truck.

The second factor to the success of Edelbrock is summed up by the banner that hangs from the rafters of one of its manufacturing buildings – “Our commitment to quality stands out.” This is clearly evident as you walk the floor of Edelbrock’s impressive facilities. The latest and greatest technology is employed to do much of the work, but it is obvious that Edelbrock still puts a premium on the human touch. Many parts still get hand tooled and every piece gets inspected before being packed to ship, and that is saying a lot for a company that has grown from offering a handful of parts in a catalog, to over 8,000 offerings today. In addition to this focus on performance and quality, Edelbrock is also committed to “Made in the U.S.A.” which in today’s economy is an admirable choice.

Welcome to Vic’s Garage.

No trip to Edelbrock would be complete without a visit to Vic’s Garage. Open to the public (by appointment only), this space houses the company’s collection of street rods, classic cars, motorcycles and collection of historic photos and memorabilia, including a vintage midget racer, a Hot Rod Magazine Chevy Camaro SS test car, and the car that started it all…Vic Edelbrock’s 1932 Ford Roadster.

To learn more about the history of Edelbrock, and its latest product offerings, including the new E-Force Supercharger line, visit them online at


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