The Bone Shaker

In the spirit of Halloween, we bring you Bone Shaker. The Bone Shaker Hot Wheels diecast car is an original design that has had many incarnations over the years. This extremely popular car was designed by legendary Hot Wheels designer, Larry Wood. Larry Wood came to California, leaving behind the Detroit winters and his job as a designer at Ford, to design Hot Wheels for Mattel. Forty years later, Mr. Hot Wheels (as he is known) retired from the company and was inducted into the Diecast Hall of Fame.

Mr. Wood, now shares his Hot Wheels memorabilia and real hot rod and custom builds at his garage in Los Angeles. The popularity of the Bone Shaker design inspired the production of the real Bone Shaker hot rod which was built in 2011 by Picture Car Warehouse.

The car is complete with a skull face piece and hands gripping the headlights; a skull topped spine shifter and skull and crossbones steering wheel. Under the Hot Wheels flame paint job, is a 402 hp short block Chevy 350 cl with 350 lb/ft torque. Bone Shaker is one scary hot rod, inside and out. We hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween.


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