Sold! Sold! Sold!

Over 700 cars crossed the block at a frenetic pace over the 3-day Mecum Auction held in Southern California this weekend. Before I could even get in the doors at the Anaheim Convention Center, I could hear the auctioneer feverishly working the crowd for each hot rod, classic or custom ride that rolled out in front of him.

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Wings, Wheels & Rotors

While our friends on the Eastern Seaboard were battening down the hatches in advance of “Superstorm” Sandy, we were trying to keep our Ez-Up from getting blown away by the rotors of the rescue helicopter taking its place on the tarmac – hardly anything to complain about when you consider the alternative. We were at the joint forces base in Los Alamitos for the annual Wings, Wheels & Rotors show and expo.

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